Overdenture &Hybrid

Dental implant retained Denture with Hybrid



 Before smile with missing teeth and loose teeth


This patient presented very unsatisfied with her bridge and partial denture which were placed on periodontally unhealthy teeth. The patient only had a few teeth that were loose, bleeding and giving her pain. She stated her chewing was not very effective because she had no back teeth left. Upon reviewing her case it was recommended that her few remaining loose teeth be extracted. Several options including conventional dentures and implant dentures were presented to the patient. She elected to go with implant retained dentures for better retention and chewing force.


Top view of Implant Dentures

 After image of an upper implant overdenture


 After implant of a lower hybrid

Bottom view of Hybrid



Once the oral health was brought up to an acceptable level, implants were placed and allowed to heal for several months until they were properly healed. The final prosthesis that were delivered to the patient included a lower hybrid attached to dental implants and a roofless overdenture connected to dental implants on the top jaw. Her lip form and smile was improved with the new prosthesis and she was also very happy that she could eat regular food again.




After image of an implant denture smile