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Grafting & Implants

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Bone Grafting and Dental Implants




Patient Before


   Patient presented with gross decay under her failing crowns and old fillings. Upon X-ray examination it was noted that her root canals were failing and that she had rampant periodontal disease. Many of the teeth including the patients front teeth were in a hopeless state and had to be extracted. The patient also suffered from a collapsed bite with the missing teeth causing her cheeks to sag inward.





Patient very happy



   All the old restorations, root canals and build ups were redone and renewed with newer fluoride releasing materials. Multiple dental implants were placed to replace her missing teeth. Bone grafting and tissue grafting was also done in order to properly frame her smile. Porcelain fused to gold crowns were fabricated for her lower teeth and porcelain crowns supported by implants were fitted on her top jaw. Her bite was opened to compensate for all the years of attrition and wear of her old teeth. The bite opening helped to improve her facial contour and the patient immediately noticed the tremendous improvement in her smile.