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Black Triangles

Orange Coast Dental Specialty

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The BioClear® Matrix System provides a safe and effective way to repair black triangles between your teeth. At Orange Coast Dental Specialty, located in Huntington Beach, California, experienced dentist Arman Dayan, DDS, and the team use the BioClear method to transform smiles and encourage optimal oral health. Call Orange Coast Dental Specialty today to see if you can benefit from BioClear treatment or make your appointment online.

Black Triangles Q&A

What are black triangles?

Black triangles, or gingival embrasures, are open spaces that form between your teeth and gums. Studies suggest 67% of people 20 and older have at least one black triangle. 

If you have black triangles between your teeth, it’s essential to visit the dentist. Treatment can prevent the condition from worsening and reduce your risk of more serious oral issues.


What causes black triangles?

Black triangles occur for various reasons, including:

Gum disease

Gum diseases cause your gums to inflame and pull away from your teeth. Gum recession exposes your tooth roots, making them vulnerable to cavities, plaque, and bacteria.

Bone loss

Left untreated, gum disease causes the bone near the base of your teeth to erode. Over time, the bone loss leads to the formation of black triangles. 

Poor dental hygiene

Gum tissue is very sensitive. If you brush too hard, you may permanently damage your gums. 

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatments, like braces and removable aligners, improve the position of your teeth. But sometimes, these changes leave black triangles behind. What’s more, orthodontic appliances with wires or rubber bands can irritate your gum tissue.

Triangular tooth shape

Everyone’s teeth are shaped differently. If your teeth are more triangular than rectangular, general wear-and-tear caused by biting and chewing may cause black triangles. 

No matter the underlying cause, BioClear can restore your smile to a healthy and vibrant condition.


How are black triangles treated?

The Orange Coast Dental Specialty team treats black triangles with the BioClear Matrix System, a noninvasive procedure that uses a composite resin and plastic framework to fill the gaps between your teeth and restore your smile. 

BioClear composite resin is manufactured by 3M. Instead of being applied in layers, like traditional resin, your dentist mixes BioClear with a warm, viscous material. 

After combining the two materials, your Orange Coast Dental Specialty provider fills the black triangles in your smile. Then, they point a light at the BioClear resin, causing it to harden and bond to your teeth. 

When the BioClear resin finishes drying, your provider checks your bite, polishes your teeth, and provides care instructions.


Call Orange Coast Dental Specialty today to receive treatment for black triangles, or make your appointment online.

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